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She's never felt like she's enough.

But to another world, she's more

than she'd have ever dreamed.

3D Mockup of Laura Irwin's debut novel, A Sanctuary from Shadow

Amy Larkspur is an awkward, socially anxious college girl who loves romance novels, pop music, and ketchup on her steak fries. Despite her crippling childhood inferiority complex, she’s finally coming into her own. She’s a sophomore at the college of her choice, she has a fantastic gaggle of friends, and she’s on the cusp of a new relationship with the frat boy next door. But while she's on a spring break road trip, she touches an enchanted, millennia-old tree and unleashes hellfire upon her life. Suddenly, Amy learns nothing is as it seems. When Amy discovers that her family bloodline has been cursed, and that she’s next up on the chopping block to die, she embarks upon a harrowing journey through a foreign land of suffering and oppression to save herself and her family. She encounters people she thought only existed in legends, including Pete, a rugged, rakish assassin, who she thinks was summoned by the curse to kill her. But Pete has other plans.

Cover Art by Etheric Designs


Click below to read my interview with NewInBooks! I answer questions about A Sanctuary from Shadow and talk about my life as a writer and bookworm.

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Photo by Shannon Mary Hirsh

About the Author

Laura Irwin is a Philly girl who now lives in the wilds of central Pennsylvania with her ruggedly handsome husband and their gooey-fingered four-year-old son. She has a bachelor's degree in writing from the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, where she met said ruggedly handsome husband.


When she's not writing magical New Adult Fantasy Romance novels (or reading them), she enjoys daydreaming, baking, gaming, traveling to far away lands, and visiting historical places. She loves dogs, baby jowls, spring flowers, and her Roomba. 

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